Design + Art Direction

ART DIRECTION spot, promo video, photo, sale campaign
LETTERING artwork, customization of products for creative contents or events
VISUAL IDENTITIES coordinated image, packaging, icons and symbols, branding
LOGOTYPES logos, logos and logos
EDITORIAL DESIGN layout, book, look books, catalogues, brochures
CONTENTS CREATION gifs, stories, animation for instagram / facebook
MOTION DESIGN logo animation, graphics animation
PATTERNS all over and placed textile graphic pattern, wallpaper
SPACE DECORATION instagrammable space, installations, murals, graffiti
EXIBITION DESIGN fashion show design, festival design, event signs

About A/A

Millennial / Slash Designer / Creative / Runner
Multidisciplinary designer with parallel skills.
Visual and Graphic Designer specialized in Social Contents Design.
Stories creator, gifs, filters and Instagram effects.
Visual events designer and Instagrammable photo boots.
Callgrapher and lettering artist.


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Milano + Bologna